Store Fixtures

Retailers expect store fixtures to combine attention-getting style with workhorse durability at affordable prices, but designers cannot expect the same of conventional surfacing materials; the qualities of each are accompanied by inherent limitations that make it difficult or impossible to simultaneously satisfy functional, aesthetic and cost requirements.

RENOLIT horizontal grade Laminate eliminates the need to compromise because it combines qualities not previously offered by a single surfacing material—advantages that extend beyond the laminate itself to the design and manufacturing process, allowing three-dimensional shapes with seamless finishes never before feasible for components intended for retail environments:

  1. Seamless encapsulation of wood core substrates routed with compound curves, intricate profiles and fine details
  2. Three-dimensional embossing or debossing of corporate logos, trademarks and other brand identification critical to sales at point of purchase
  3. Scratch and mar resistance rivaling that of high pressure laminates
  4. Choice of horizontal-grade 3D Laminates and vertical grade 3D Laminates  in solid colors, realistic woodgrains, abstract patterns, and metallics

Components containing compound curves and three-dimensional brand identification surfaced with seamless RENOLIT Alkoren and Covaren 3D Laminates appear to be carved from solid wood, machined from a billet of aluminum, or sculpted from stone or solid surfacing.

Finished components are so stylish, they belie the material's ability to withstand the wear and tear inflicted by retail staffs, customers and store merchandise—and to accomplish it all at costs comparable with high-pressure laminates, veneers, paints and powder coatings.

Fixture components surfaced with RENOLIT 3D Laminates can also benefit from the cleanliness of crevice-free edges and, depending on design, the improved ergonomics and safety of three-dimensional contours and/or rounded corners.

Typical store fixture applications:

  • Membrane pressed tops, shelves, panels, doors and moldings
  • Membrane pressed logo/trademark panels
  • Flat laminated panels of all types, including slat wall
  • Miter-folded cabinets, pedestals, stands and shelving
  • Miter-folded legs, both straight and tapered
  • Profile-wrapped trim of all types

Vendor Referral Program

If your current sources do not yet offer the equipment needed for CNC routing, membrane-pressing, miter-folding or profile wrappingRENOLIT can provide a list of well-equipped vendors that do.