Residential Applications Overview

Kitchen cabinets, vanities, home office, closet and storage systems surfaced with RENOLIT provide beauty and durability.

Membrane pressing, miter folding, flat laminating, and profile wrapping with RENOLIT 2D and 3D Laminates can encapsulate all surfaces of doors and drawers, furniture tops and accents. Styles including raised panels, shaker, beadboard, slab as well as functional contours with deep recesses, compound curves, intricate profiles, sharp edges and flat expanses. Design while realizing dramatically improved form and function of finished products several ways.

First, because RENOLIT 3D Laminates conform to virtually any three-dimensional shape routed into wood-core components (e.g. MDF), your designs are no longer dictated by the limitations of two-dimensional surfacing materials.

Second, you can select from an exceptional range of highly realistic woodgrains, metallics, abstract patterns, solid colors and whites — in both vertical and horizontal grades — enabling you to complement any component shape from square to convoluted, and any residential decor from traditional to ultra modern.

Third, and most importantly, all visible surfaces of components that are membrane pressed, miter folded or profile wrapped with RENOLIT Alkoren and Covaren 3D Laminates are seamless, so they can resemble components machined from solid wood, granite, marble, and "solid surfacing" more convincingly than can melamine board, high-pressure laminate or wood veneer, all of which require telltale seams, none of which can achieve compound curves. When surfaced with RENOLIT 3D Laminates solid colors, components simulate finely painted or powder coated finishes.


Membrane Pressing