Production Methods Overview

RENOLIT Laminates can be used for flat laminating, and edge banding of wood substrates in the same manner as high pressure laminates. In addition, RENOLIT Alkoren and Covaren 3D Laminates can be membrane pressed to seamlessly encapsulate virtually any three-dimensional shape routed into wood core substrates, and profile-wrapped to seamlessly surface linear profiles and trim, wood and plastic extrusions alike.

This versatility, coupled with colors and patterns that match popular high pressure laminates and melamine boards, enables you to mix and match surfacing methods and materials on multiple components of the same end product, based on each component's design, preferred method of manufacture and expected level of abuse.

Mix surfacing materials and production techniques:

  1. Table's flat center surface of melamine board matched to color of RENOLIT Laminate.
  2. Oblong-surround piece with profile routed from MDF board then thermoformed with RENOLIT 3D Laminate. Note combination of rounded and sharp edges.
  3. Table skirt produced by flat laminating of MDF board with high-pressure laminate matched to color of  RENOLIT Laminate, then sawing multiple, vertical kerfs into backside, allowing skirt to bend.

Legs flat-laminated with solid color RENOLIT Alkorfol 2D Laminate butted to metallic RENOLIT Alkoren 3D Laminate, then miter-folded, producing simulated metal foot sleeves. Tapered corners accomplished by CNC routing of miter grooves at divergent angles prior to folding. Fabrication method improves part alignment and component strength, dramatically improving appearance and undercutting cost of solid legs as well as those surfaced with high-pressure laminates. Precision mitering and lack of dark substrate line, render single seam per leg inconspicuous. 


Vendor Referral Program

If your current sources do not yet offer the equipment needed for CNC routing, membrane-pressing, miter-folding or profile wrapping, RENOLIT can provide a list of well-equipped vendors that do.

Following is a partial listing: