Membrane Pressing

How Wood-Core Components are Membrane-Pressed with RENOLIT 3D Laminate

Manufacturers and fabricators can saw, rout or otherwise machine virtually any shape into wood-core components, including compound curves, detailed edge profiles and deep recesses, as well as squared corners and flat expanses. Machined components are coated with adhesive and placed on a membrane-pressing table—with RENOLIT 3D Laminate suspended above—then slid into a chamber that heats the laminate and creates a vacuum, drawing the laminate tightly onto the part. Exceptional formability enables these 3D Laminates to conform to deep recesses as well as fine details and sharp corners while maintaining uniform wall thickness with minimal thin-out. Once excess laminate is trimmed from the perimeter of the backside (which is frequently pre-laminated with melamine), the membrane-pressed parts are ready for assembly.

Also see flat-laminating, miter-folding, and profile-wrapping

Vendor Referral Program

If your current sources do not yet offer the equipment needed for membrane-pressing, RENOLIT can provide a list of well-equipped vendors that do.

Following is a partial listing: