Kiosks have been a fast growing application for RENOLIT 3D Laminates due to the low tooling cost, the aesthetics and durability that reduce damage and field maintenance problems inherent with traditional surfacing techniques.

Kiosks that are value engineered from routed MDF board that is membrane-pressed with scratch- and stain-resistant RENOLIT 3D Laminates exhibit outstanding resistance to damage and—compared with kiosk housings of heavy-gauge plastic or painted sheet metal—are easier to repair quickly in the field at low cost by simply replacing a damaged panel.

And unlike traditional surfacing techniques, RENOLIT 3D Laminates offers the ultimate in three-dimensional design freedom. Virtually any shape that can be CNC routed into a wood substrate, from compound curves and safe, rounded corners to sharp details and brand identification can be faithfully reproduced by membrane pressing.

Because parts are seamless, they appear to be machined from solid aluminum, stone, marble, wood or solid surfacing (depending on the color or pattern of RENOLIT 3D Laminates selected) while enabling designers to create shapes that minimize the possibility of injury to the user or damage to the kiosk.

Availability from stock, and a cut-to-length program for prototyping and smaller production runs, put the advantages of membrane pressing with RENOLIT 3D Laminates within easy reach of every small or large kiosk manufacturer.

Vendor Referral Program

If your current sources do not yet offer the equipment needed for CNC routing, membrane-pressing, miter-folding or profile wrapping, RENOLIT can provide a list of well-equipped vendors that do.