Home Office

In home office applications, RENOLIT 3D Laminate is utilized primarily to replace melamine board, high pressure laminates and wood veneer. None of these traditional surfacing materials can achieve three-dimensional contours, and all require T-moldings, edge banding or other labor-intensive edge treatments. 3D Lamination eliminates sharp, 90° corners, hard edges, and unsightly surfacing to surfacing seams where separations can occur and dirt can collect.

RENOLIT 3D Laminate can eliminate these and other trade-offs because it combines attributes never before found in one surfacing material:

  1. RENOLIT 3D Laminate all surpasses high pressure laminate for impact resistance and abrasion (see NEMA test results in search criteria).
  2. Many of our 3D Laminates meet NEMA's horizontal scratch and stain resistance and cleaning requirements.  
  3. Seamless encapsulation of wood core substrates that are flat, or routed with compound curves, intricate profiles and fine details.

The diversity and extraordinary realism of RENOLIT woodgrains closely resemble the finish and grain patterns of premium, quarter-sawn hardwoods (not shaved veneers) while improving durability and reducing material and labor costs. Together with metallic and abstract patterns, solid colors and the industry's largest selection of whites, RENOLIT 3D Laminates enables manufacturers to realistically simulate the appearance of virtually any traditional material and/or finishing method.

Every visible surface of wood-core components of home office and entertainment systems, including raised panel doors, glass door frames, drawer fascias, countertops, work surfaces, cabinet exteriors and trim, can be surfaced with RENOLIT Laminates using a variety of production methods, imparting components with the stylish, three-dimensional appearance needed to stand out—plus the durability needed to keep looking new and minimize callbacks.

Best of all, RENOLIT 3D Laminates are offered in numerous woodgrain patterns and shades of white that match popular TFM boards—including those of Flakeboard®, Georgia Pacific®, Uniboard®, Tafisa® and Roseburg®—allowing three-dimensional components produced centrally, to match the cabinetry that resellers produce locally.

Vendor Referral Program

If your current sources do not yet offer the equipment needed for CNC routing, membrane-pressing, miter-folding or profile wrappingRENOLIT can provide a list of well-equipped vendors that do.