Contract Furniture

Horizontal durability requirements have long dictated the specification of surfacing materials, and in turn, the very design of commercial and institutional furniture. As a result, the most durable furniture was historically the least attractive, compelling designers to compromise on form or function. RENOLIT horizontal grade Laminates  can eliminate these and other trade-offs because it combines attributes never before found in one surfacing material:

  1. Seamless encapsulation of wood core substrates that are flat, or routed with compound curves, intricate profiles, fine details and wire management holes.
  2. Scratch and mar resistance rivaling that of high-pressure laminates.

This unique combination of benefits imparts components with the current, curvaceous appearance needed to stand out in office and institutional environments—plus the durability needed to survive them.

In addition, finished components offer a striking resemblance to solid wood, solid metal, or solid surfacing, yet costs are competitive with high pressure laminates, veneers, paints and powder coatings.

Components surfaced with RENOLIT Laminates can also benefit from the cleanliness of crevice-free edges and, depending on design, the improved ergonomics and safety achievable by contouring of edges and/or rounding of corners.

Typical end-use environments include:

  • Offices
  • Institutions
  • Retail stores
  • Schools (all levels)
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Child care and long term care facilities
  • Food service/dining areas
  • Fast food restaurants

Typical end products include:

  • Desks and credenzas
  • Workstations of all types
  • Kiosks
  • Peripheral stands
  • Conference tables
  • Audio/visual stands
  • Cabinets of all types
  • Lunchroom tables

Vendor Referral Program
If your current sources do not yet offer the equipment needed for CNC routing, membrane-pressing, miter-folding or profile wrappingRENOLIT can provide a list of well-equipped vendors that do.