Comparison with other surfacing materials

RENOLIT high performance 3D Laminates overcomes functional and aesthetic limitations of conventional materials

While no single surfacing material can satisfy the spectrum of design, cost and performance requirements encountered in the manufacturing of commercial furniture, residential furniture, store fixtures, kitchen cabinets, closet systems, kiosks, and other fabricated products, RENOLIT Laminates can solve a variety of problems previously considered unavoidable:

  • Chipping, cracking, seams, edge banding, T-molding, edge lines and two-dimensional limitations of melamine board and high-pressure laminates
  • Edge banding, seams, inconsistent staining and softness of wood veneers
  • High material and/or fabrication costs associated with solid wood, granite, marble and solid (composite) surfacing
  • Solid-only colors, scratching, chipping, blistering and high labor cost of painting