Commercial Applications Overview

Contract furniture, healthcare, store fixtures, kiosks and other commercial products surfaced with RENOLIT Laminates look and feel as if machined from solid wood, metal or stone, or finely finished with paint or powder coating.

Membrane pressing or thermoforming is the primary process for fabricating RENOLIT3D Alkoren and Covaren Laminates into encapsulated panels while  flat laminating, miter folding and profile wrapping are processes that utilize RENOLITAlkorcell, Alkorfol and Alkor SR 2D Laminates. These 2D and 3D products are thermoplastic laminates made from Polyvinyl Chloride, Polypropylene or Polyester. All are suitable for various uses in commercial furniture, store fixture and kiosk components—including flat panels, raised panels, deep recesses, compound curves, intricate profiles, sharp edges and flat expanses.

The primary design advantage for RENOLIT 3D Laminates is achieved because our surfacing materials conform to virtually any routed wood- core component. Therefore your designs are no longer dictated by the limitations of two-dimensional surfacing materials.

Additionally, you can select from an exceptional range of highly realistic woodgrains, metallic, abstract patterns, and solid colors. The search functions of this website help you choose not just from the available aesthetics, but also from the performance characteristics needed for a particular end use application. While all of our 3D Laminates exceed HPL for impact and wear, our vast array of surfacing aesthetics vary in their performance for stain, scratch and cleanability.  Many meet all of the criteria for commercial horizontal applications such as work surfaces.  

It is all here. So, please search our website or call us to help you combine the design freedom of seamless, contoured 3D shapes, the surfacing look and feel  of our 3D Laminates and the scratch, stain and cleaning performance needed to create the perfect commercial product.