Company Profile

American RENOLIT Corporation is a subsidiary of RENOLIT AG, Worms, Germany, a leading 60-year producer of thermoplastic films that employs approximately 4,300 and operates at more than 30 sites worldwide. The success of the company is based on uncompromising product quality achieved through sophisticated raw-material formulations, state-of-the-art-manufacturing technology, experienced and competent employees, and a certified quality assurance system.

American RENOLIT's North American manufacturing site and administrative headquarters is located in LaPorte, Indiana. Here, base resins are received by rail and blended with a diversity of high performance additives to produce a wide range of specialized film products having desirable physical and optical qualities. The 70,000 square foot facility is state-of-the-art, offering both calendering and cast extrusion processes, and computerized monitoring that acquires data and images for tracking all critical stages of the manufacturing process.

Finished film rolls are shipped from the LaPorte plant directly to customers, or to the company's warehouse located in Swedesboro, New Jersey, offering dependable deliveries required by North and South American customers for uninterrupted manufacturing of their products.

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